More Controversial Super Bowl Ads That Will Make You Mad As Hell

Tim Tebow

Super Bowl ads are all the rage this year.

CBS is going to air a pro-life ad from Tim Tebrow, but has rejected spots from gay dating site as well as, for some underwear shots, and Electronic Arts for their “Go to Hell” slogan. 

So what other ads don’t they want you to see?

Click through and we’ll show you what TV networks won’t air—->

CBS rejected this ManCrunch ad this year on the grounds that it was not up to their creative standards. What's so wrong with rippled potato chips? got shot down for another one of its notorious, controversial ads this year. This one is about a GoDaddy user who wanted to create a sexy company.

Electronic Arts was shot down for their Dante's Inferno ad because of their 'Go to Hell' tagline. EA caved and created a new ad for CBS, with a PG version of the line. It will air next Sunday.'s 2009 ad used President Obama's life story to make an anti-abortion argument: 'Despite the hardships he will endure, this child will become the 1st African American president. Life: Imagine the potential.' Last year, NBC rejected the ad for the Super Bowl. CNN wouldn't take it during coverage of President Obama's first State of the Union Address either.

This 2009 ad for the extra-marital affairs web site starts, 'Have you ever found yourself on a really bad blind date? Now imagine that date lasting the rest of your life...' NBC rejected the ad, while the NFL condemned it on moral grounds.

Banned on the grounds of advocacy, these same-sex parenting scenes from's 2009 ad all end with the message, 'Marriage promotes families. Support marriage equality.'

With the text 'studies show vegetarians have better sex,' Peta's 2009 ad shows how hot veggies can be. And according to NBC, they are just too hot.

Airborne - Mickey Rooney's Banned Ad [Viral/Other [

In this Airborne ad, Mickey Rooney runs out of a sauna after getting coughed on - and loses his towel. Apparently, the networks thought his ageing behind was something we couldn't handle. Turns out, they were right.

'Guess who's going to pay off President Bush's $1 trillion deficit.' According to this 2004 ad, it's children working as hotel maids and garbage men. CBS disagreed, and rejected it.

Bouncers and red rope guard a church deny entrance to gay people: 'Jesus didn't turn people away,' according to the United Church of Christ 2004 ad. 'Neither do we.' Too bad for them, NBC and CBS turned this commercial away.

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