Why ‘The Sun’ Is Publishing Nude Photos Of Prince Harry, Despite The Palace’s Pleas

the sun
The Sun’s cover image of Harry.

[credit provider=”The Sun screencap” url=”http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/sun_says/4502239/Prince-Harry-Vegas-Pictures-The-Sun-publishes-photos-of-naked-Prince.html”]

A request from the royal family didn’t stop Britain’s The Sun from publishing a nude Prince Harry on its cover today.  Friday’s copy of the British paper reads, “Heir It Is! Pic of naked Harry you’ve already seen on the Internet.”

Earlier this week, the prince was photographed naked while partying with friends in Las Vegas. Soon after, the Royal Family asked the media to refrain from publishing the photos of the prince claiming an invasion of privacy. 

However, The Sun also published a video on its site defending its decision to run the photos, with managing editor David Dinsmore saying the paper published the photos to create an important conversation for its readers:

“For us, this is about the freedom of the press,” says Dinsmore. “This is about the ludicrous situation where a picture can be seen by hundreds of millions of people around the world on the Internet, but can’t be seen in the nation’s favourite paper, read by eight million people every day.”

Watch Dinsmore’s explanation below: 



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