For The Next 48 Hours, Greek Life Will Be Thrown Into "Disarray"

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Photo: Wikimedia Commons

There were no major developments from the first day of the Greek austerity debate. The debate will go through Wednesday, at which point there will be two votes.Starting Tuesday, the pressure from the public will reach something of a boil, as a massive 48-hour strike is due to engulf basically the entire country.

According to Kathimerini, only the Athens metro will be running. All other forms of transportation (buses, trolley, trams, etc.) will be shutdown. Sanitation, courts, and even hospitals (which will run on a “skeleton” crew) will be affected.

Meanwhile, demonstrators plan to totally encircle parliament on Wednesday the day of the voting (too bad for the PASOK MPs, there’s no escape tunnel, as some had been joking about).

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