Americans Cast Their Votes In Really Bizarre Places

strange polling places

Photo: Instagram

On Election Day, millions of Americans headed to schools and government buildings to cast their ballots. But some people found themselves voting in more uncommon places.

From car dealerships to funeral homes, we’ve compiled photos of the strangest places Americans voted today.

A laundromat in San Francisco, Calif.

A marketplace in East Los Angeles, Calif.

A lifeguard station in Venice Beach, Calif.

A gym in Brooklyn, N.Y.

McKenzie Mortuary Services at Long Beach, Calif.

Marie's Golden Cue pool hall in Chicago, Ill.

Sunrise Ford car dealership in Los Angeles, Calif.

Inside a decorator's garage in South Philadelphia

A fire station

A columbarium in San Francisco, Calif.

A party room in a condo building in Chicago, Ill.

Now see the famous faces who showed up to the polls:

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