The Strange Evolution Of The Big East Which Is No Longer Big Or East

With all of the realignment in recent years, the one conference that has taken the hardest hit is the Big East. In recent weeks, a new round of movement has seen Rutgers depart for the Big 10, and Louisville leave for the ACC, being replaced by Tulane and East Carolina.

What is left is a Big East conference that is just a big mosh pit of schools from all over the country that the other big conferences don’t want, in which some are part of the conference in all sports, and some just play football.

Here’s a look at how the conference has evolved over the years from what was a basketball powerhouse, to what should now be called The Big Leftovers. Be sure to look quick, because by tomorrow, this will probably be outdated

First, here is the map of the schools that participate in all sports…

And here is the evolution of the Big East football members…

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