The Story Of Andrew Lohse's First Night Of Pledging At Dartmouth May Make You Sick To Your Stomach

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There’s so much disgusting stuff in Rolling Stone’s piece about hazing at Dartmouth that we could write about it all day.The central figure of the story is Andrew Lohse, a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. He wrote the editorial criticising campus frat culture earlier this year that sparked this whole debate. Rolling Stone focuses on his downward spiral as a brother through the years.

And it all started like this (from Rolling Stone):

One night in October 2009, early in his sophomore year, Lohse was studying in his dorm room when he heard someone pounding on his door. A senior stood at the threshold. “You and you,” he said, pointing to Lohse and one of his roommates. “Blindfolds. Follow me. Be silent.” The boys dutifully did as they were told, grabbing ties to wrap around their eyes and following the older brother down the stairs and into a waiting car. “Shut the f*ck up right now!” a brother in the front seat barked, shoving a bottle into Lohse’s hands and ordering him to drink. It was MD 20/20, known as Mad Dog, the toxic beverage whose high alcohol content – 13 per cent – and cheapness has made it popular with homeless men and hard-partying college boys everywhere. Lohse chugged. The stuff tasted like Lysol.

The pledges were driven to a remote spot across the Vermont border, where they were marched up a wooded trail and into a clearing. A group of SAE brothers stood before them, lit by a tiki torch. “Who among you most deserves a bid and why?” they asked. Lohse looked around as 10 sophomores scribbled down on paper why they deserved to be chosen. Then a brother handed each of them a bottle of Boone’s Farm Blue Hawaiian – a Windex-coloured cohort of Mad Dog – and told them that whoever drank it the fastest got to remain. You go to Dartmouth, Lohse told himself as he pounded the Boone’s. You don’t lose.

Later that night, Lohse, now very drunk, faced a Review brother who had wanted to blackball him. The brother held Lohse’s embossed bid card in one hand and a lighter in the other. 10 cups of beer sat on a table. “Do a quick six in the time it takes for this to burn,” he told Lohse, setting the bid card on fire. “Go!” Lohse chugged, but was only up to his third cup when time ran out. Seeing his future go up in flames, Lohse vomited all over himself – at which point the brothers told him they were just kidding.

 Funny joke, right?

Now see what else Lohse had to do>

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