The Stock Rally Peters Out As Equities End A Mixed Bag, Oil Prices Drop Over Increased Supply

finviz PM feb3

Today was a back and forth session, and in the end the Dow closed at 10,267, down 29 points.

The NASDAQ scratched out a 1 point gain and the S&P lost 6 points to close at 1097.

A few companies big names like Walmart (WMT), Apple (AAPL), Microsoft (MSFT), and Disney (DIS) picked up some modest gains.

Crude oil fell a bit after announcements that supply rose higher than expected. Oil fell $0.27 to $76.96. Natural gas futures also fell slightly by 50 basis points.

Silver took a big hit, dropping 2.5% to $16.33 an ounce. Gold lost $7.80, falling to $1110.20 an ounce as the dollar strengthened. Copper futures are down 3.5%.


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