Sorry, That Steve Jobs Biography Is Only Worth $2 Million To $6 Million

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How much is the authorised biography of Steve Jobs worth?

Walter Isaacson can look forward to a $2 million to $6 million advance, according to a prominent non-fiction book agent specializing in business books.

Nothing to sneeze at, but it’s nowhere near the $15+ million, Marion Maneker at The Big Money floated as a possibility.

Marion calls Walter’s biography of Steve Jobs the “biggest potential book project since Bill Clinton.” Clinton’s book was worth $12-$15 million, and it made money.

Marion thinks sending out an authorised Steve Jobs biography for rabid fanboys to devour could have big sales, warranting a similarly lofty advance price.

Our source, who asked not to be named, says that’s just not happening. If it was a Steve Jobs memoir, with his name on the cover and he was going to aggressively flog it, then maybe.

As it is, the book appears to be a biography from Walter with Steve’s cooperation. Maybe there will be some bombshells, maybe Steve will do a few interviews around it.

For just that, a publisher won’t pay double digit millions.

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