And Now, Here's The First 11 State Pension Funds That Will Run Out Of Money

pat quinn illinoisMy state is screwed.

Here’s a shocker: The most immediate state pension crises aren’t in New York or California. They’re in Middle America.Illinois is just 8 years away from exhausting its pension fund and creating a yearly $14 billion hole, according to data from Kellogg professor Joshua Rauh [PDF].

That’s a projected 32 per cent of the state’s revenue going to fill a pension hole. Every year.

Indiana, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Colorado are among the next pension funds to fall. The rest of the union is just around the corner.

#11 New Hampshire

#10 Kentucky

#9 Kansas

#8 Colorado

#7 Oklahoma

#6 Louisiana

#5 Hawaii

#4 New Jersey

#3 Indiana

#2 Connecticut

#1 Illinois

Now here's when the other funds run dry...

But the municipal crisis is even more imminent.

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