The State Of American Jobs In 21 Charts

The U.S.
added 162,000 jobs in July, missing analysts’ expectations of 185,000. This is accord
ing to the new Bureau of Labour Statistics’ jobs report.
As the American labour market muddled along, the unemployment rate dropped to 7.4%, the lowest level in over four years.

July’s job gains were led by retail employment, which added 47,000 jobs. Retail employment has risen over 350,000 over the past 12 months.

The BLS broke down the job growth sector by sector in 21 charts.

Nonfarm employment rose by 162,000, missing analyst expectations of 185,000

Here is a breakdown by sector, with retail trade leading the pack in July

Mining has added 215,000 jobs since October 2009, but remained relatively unchanged in July

Construction has remained unchanged for four straight months

Employment in manufacturing hasn't changed much since its February peak

Motor vehicles and parts employment increased by 9,000 in July

Wholesale trade grew by 14,000

Retail trade continued killing it, with 47,000 jobs added in July

6,000 for building material and garden supply stores

Most of health and personal care's 5,000 added jobs came from pharmacies

9,000 jobs for general merchandise stores

Transportation and warehousing job growth has essentially stalled since February

Utilities were down a little bit, at 2,000

Information lost 1 million jobs between March 2001 and mid-2011, and there has been little recovery since then

Financial activities saw 15,000 jobs in July, up 120,000 over the past 12 months

Professional and business services bumped up 36,000, below the prior average change of 66,000

Education and health services remained relatively unchanged

Leisure and hospitality edged up by 23,000 in July after posting 57,000 in June

Fun fact: Personal and laundry services has added 21,000 jobs over the year

Federal employment stayed steady in July after 2 months of decline

The federal government has cut 53,000 jobs on net so far in 2013

What about July's hottest cars?

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