The State Of American Jobs In 22 Charts

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America added 195,000  jobs in June, well ahead of the predicted 165,000, according to the new Bureau of labour statistics jobs report.

The auspicious figure means that average U.S. job growth over last six months is now over 200,000.

While the unemployment rate hovered at 7.6%, average hourly earnings rose by 10 cents over the month, and are up 2.2% over the year.

Retailers, leisure and hospitality, health care, and professional and business services led the pack in job gains.

The BLS broke down the numbers sector by sector in 22 charts.

Nonfarm employment rose by 195,000 in June

Leisure and hospitality had big gains, as did retail trade

Mining and logging stayed in line prior 5-month average

Construction has added 377,000 jobs since January 2011

Manufacturing employment had no significant change, dropping 6,000

Motor vehicles and parts jobs ticked up 5,000 last month. The industry has added 182,000 jobs since June 2009

Wholesale trade was up too, and has added 322,000 jobs since May 2010

Retail had a huge month, adding 37,000 jobs. Automobile sales, an important retail indicator, also had a great June.

Automobile dealers helped push up employment in the sector by 8,000 in June

Thanks to low seasonal layoffs, employment in building material and garden supply stores rose by 9,000 in June

Transportation and warehousing hung around the same level

Same goes for utilities

Information employment stayed around the same level

Financial activities employment jumped 17,000 in June thanks to gains in credit intermediation and insurance

With 53,000 jobs added in June, professional and business services have added 634,000 in the past 12 months

Health care and social assistance added 24,000 jobs

Ambulatory care has been doing especially well, adding an average of 16,000 per month in the first half of the year

Leisure and hospitality killed it in June with 75,000 jobs. The industry has added an average of 55,000 jobs per month since the beginning of 2013, compared to an average of 30,000 last year.

Gambling and recreation jobs continue to accelerate, a sure sign of a healthier economy

With steady growth since 2010, restaurants and bars added 52,000 jobs in June

Other services continue to grow. Laundry services, for example, have added 28,000 jobs this year

With another 7,000 in job losses, federal employment has declined by 65,000 in the past 12 months

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