The Stars Of 'Modern Family' Are Demanding Over A 200% Raise

Photo: ABC

Here comes a negotiation bloodbath. The cast of “Modern Family” is now in the early stages of contract renegotiation for their upcoming fourth season.

And according to The Hollywood Reporter, Ty Burrell, Sophia Vergara, Julie Bowen, Eric Stonestreet and Jessie Tyler Ferguson have all requested a huge pay increase to possibly $200,000 per episode—nearly a 208 per cent increase from their previous paycheck.

All of the adult cast was receiving about $65,000 during the third season except O’Neill, who was making approximately $105,000 because he was considered the biggest star on the series when it started. As of now, O’Neill has not joined his co-stars in the raise request but we’re guessing the former “Married with Children” star’s representatives will probably jump on the bandwagon. 

So why are the actors requesting the raise now? The Hollywood Reporter says the pay increase will be in exchange for renegotiating their seven-year deals for the show to an eighth or even a ninth year. That way 20th Century Fox (and ABC) will get a better deal on syndication rights (which it already has with the USA Network). 

The entire cast deserves this recognition considering their ratings success: they average at least 13 million viewers each week. And they have all been nominated for or have won major the awards (Burrell, Stonestreet and Bowen have all won Emmys).

But the problem comes down to the sheer number of main cast members requesting the raise. 

“Modern Family” has six cast members and will potentially ask for the same amount as the three leads of “The Big Bang Theory”: Kaley Cuoco, Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki

The cast has not yet agreed to negotiate a pay increase together. If they do, they’ll have to play it just like the cast of “Friends”. Each of the actors on the hit NBC show got an increase to $100,000 per episode after only the second season and their famous renegotiation happened before the final season when each cast member received $1 million per episode. 

Here’s a question to ask ABC: will the kids on “Modern Family” get pay increases too? Now there’s where the real bloodbath might begin. 

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