The St. Louis Rams Fall For The Jeff Fisher Con

The hype and propaganda surrounding Jeff Fisher by his fan boys around the country is bordering on sickening. I haven’t seen this much promotion for an overrated since Mike Shanahana and just ask Washington Redskins fans how that is working out.

I have never been a Jeff Fisher fan. I watched a head coach over the last several seasons come up short every year with excuse after excuse made for him by the national media. I watched a guy given more opportunity to win than any other NFL head coach in history yet I am in the midst of watching a charade produced by the NFL Network and many at ESPN that hasn’t been seen since, well you already know his name.

The Miami Dolphins and St. Louis Rams have each made big plays for Jeff Fisher, who eventually went to the Rams. In a season where you have analysts and NFL reporters bloviating weekly about the merits of not paying a guy like DeSean Jackson, they are giddy with the prospect of Jeff Fisher cashing in a king’s ransom at the hopes of “selling seats,” in spite of his winning record and rumours of insubordination in his last gig. Shame on them for not giving NFL fans the real story.

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