The SpaceX Reusable Rocket Failed When It Smashed Into The Landing Platform

SpaceX landed a rocket on a platform in the ocean last week in the company’s ongoing attempt to establish reusable rocket technology.

Some considered the even success because of the precision required to guide the rocket from 50 miles above the Earth’s surface to a football field-sized platform in the ocean, and then land on it.

Others were less enthusiastic because of the rocket’s hard landing.

Musk tweeted some pictures from the event last week to Doom creator and Oculus VR CTO John Carmack.

Here’s a cool gif of all his pictures:

And here’s everything that Musk tweeted:

Musk had been actively working on advancing the reusable rocket industry.

And after delays and reschedulings, SpaceX finally launched a Falcon 9 rocket with a Dragon spacecraft full of cargo destined for the International Space Station (ISS) on morning, January 10.

The biggest issue with Musk’s launch here was not the rocket going up, but rather the rocket’s descent.

A first-stage rocket has never been recovered for reuse. So if Musk manages to be successful, the SpaceX will change the game in space exploration. This could eventually cut the cost of space travel by a factor of 100, according to Musk.

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