The S&P 500 Just Broke An 87-Year Streak

The S&P 500 just finished lower for the fourth straight day.

This breaks a streak of 264 trading days without four consecutive losing sessions, the longest streak in 87 years, according to Chris Kimble of Kimble Charting Solutions.

In 2014, the S&P 500 didn’t have a single four-day losing streak, the first year since 1928 that the benchmark stock index didn’t see a four straight days of losses. 

Last week, we noted that the S&P 500 finished a year and began the next year with losing sessions for the first time since 2008. Add in the loss of what was a really impressive streak, and it hasn’t been the best start to the year for stocks.

Here’s the table, via Kimble’s Tumblr page, showing the longest streaks without four losing days:

And the chart showing 2014 as the first year since the ’20s without a four day losing streak:

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