The son of Wang Jianlin, China’s richest man, bought two gold Apple Watches for his dog

Picture: Sina Weibo

The son of China’s richest man bought two Apple Watches for his dog. Gold Apple Watches.

Wang Jianlin heads Chinese real estate monolith Dalian Wanda Group, and has an estimated worth of around $US13 billion.

Wang Sicong, his only son, loves sharing his life on Sina Weibo, like any 27-year-old.

He even has a separate account for his dog, a Siberian husky with more than 700,000 followers which is looking a little perplexed in a series of pics showing it wearing two new Apple Watches:

The caption on the series of pics, as translated by The Shanghaiist, reads:

Picture: Sina Weibo

“I have new watches! I’m supposed to have four watches since I have four long legs. But that seems too tuhao so I kept it down to two, which totally fits my status. Do you have one?”

“Tuhao” is a derogatory Chinese term for people who are rich, but lack the social graces expected to go with it, aka Australia’s CUBs (Cashed Up Bogans).

It’s not going down well with the Weibo audience, especially given both the watches appear to be gold Apple Watches. They look like the 42mm variant, which means Wang’s dog is flashing around $34,000 worth of bling.

At least the dog’s happy – its heart is pumping at a very relaxed 59 beats per minute:

Picture: Sina Weibo

Wang the younger is a board member of his dad’s conglomerate, of which he owns 2%, and he is chairman of private investment firm Prometheus Capital, so money isn’t an issue. He famously bought an e-sports team in 2011 for $US6 million and has a habit of flaunting his wealth and perhaps being more outspoken than his father would care for.

When asked once if he cared about how rich his friends were, he replied:

“When I make friends I don’t care if they have money or not, no one’s going to have more money than me anyway.”

More recently this year, he was criticised for claiming that any potential girlfriends needed to be “buxom”, which resulted in his father publicly blaming Wang’s careless outbursts on his Western education.

To be fair, buying your dog two $17,000 watches is tame compared to the recent Western trend of sharing vulgar displays of wealth shown by Dan Bilzerian and Australia’s own “Candyman” Travers Beynon. But even so, Wang needs to be careful.

His dad once said he regretted not having more children, and warned Wang had “five to eight years” to prove himself acceptable to everyone at Wanda.

He said he would only give his son “two opportunities”.

“The third time he fails, he comes to work at Wanda,” Wang senior told the South China Morning Post.