The Solar World Record Beating Sunswift Solar Car Could Soon Be Registered For Ordinary Road Use

Image: UNSW

Sunswift, the University of NSW’s solar racing team, has launched a crowd-funding campaign to raise money to rebuild its entry car for Australian road registration.

The eVe vehicle recently smashed a 26-year-old world record for the fastest electric car over a distance of 500 kms.

It uses a battery storage system which can be charged with the solar cells or by plugging the car into a power outlet.

The next step in the Sunswift journey is to put eVe within reach of the average driver by converting it from a concept car to road-registered car.

The team of 60 undergraduate students behind Sunswift is aiming to raise $30,000 – about one-third of the amount they need – using the crowd-funding site Pozible. They plan to source the remaining money and components via sponsors and in-kind contributions from industry partners.

If successful, it will mark the first time a university solar car team has built a vehicle to the stringent standards of the Australian Design Rules, the national motoring standards that govern vehicle safety, anti-theft and emissions.

“Full registration is no humble feat with essentially the whole car needing to be deconstructed and rebuilt,” says project director and engineering student Hayden Smith.

“The car requires front, rear and side impact protection, headlights, windscreen wipers, new raised suspension and new wheels in addition to updated electrical components.

“The interior will also be redesigned to meet safety regulations and offer a level of comfort that would be expected from a commercial car.”

Supporters who contribute to the crowd-funding campaign will be offered rewards including 3D printed models of the car, solar cell mantlepiece trophies and one-time advertising space during public relations events.

The Pozible campaign aims to raise $30,000.

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