The SNL iPhone Video You Can't See On YouTube

Saturday Night Live had a reasonably clever spoof of Apple’s latest iPhone ads during this weekend’s show. We know this not because we watch SNL, but because we saw that Mike Arrington had embedded a YouTube clip of the spoof at TechCrunch yesterday.

For the last year or so, this is how this worked: SNL would air something funny, somebody would post a clip of it on YouTube the next day, and within a day or two, hundreds of thousands of people would watch it, talk about it, build buzz for the show, etc.

Those days are over…

TechCrunch’s SNL clip has been disappeared; so has this one; they are both victims of NBC’s new policy, which is to keep its videos off YouTube and fence them in at Hulu and its own sites. But you can’t see them on Hulu, since the site is in invitation-only beta — and now that we’ve looked on Hulu ourselves, we can’t find the clip at all. You can watch it at NBC’s clunky SNL site, but you’ll need to click through a couple times and sit through a 15-second pre-roll.

The only way that Hulu will work is if NBC makes sure it’s the only place you can see its best stuff. But we’re doubtful that even that will be enough. In the meantime, it’s doing it’s best to make sure you can’t see its best stuff, anywhere.

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