The Slide That Inspired Dave Morin To Start Path

path mobile chart morgan stanleyDave Morin has a slide on his wall. It’s probably this one. Click for larger version.

Photo: Morgan Stanley Research

Speaking at a monthly PandoDaily event last night, Path cofounder Dave Morin talked about the one slide that made him start a mobile only company.He had quit Facebook and was looking for his next move when somebody sent him Mary Meeker’s most recent state of the Internet report, he recalled.

“There was a slide in that deck still printed out on my wall. It showed the desktop flattening out and not growing anymore — and mobile Internet sort of crossing over and becoming dominant in 2013,” Morin said.

He said he had been working on the Facebook platform for several years.

“I’ve seen that it takes about two to three years to go from nothing to become really influential and a competitor in the space. It will take three years to build a company — not just a product, but a company that can be a mobile company. We set out to build this company and not make a website,” he said.

He made that decision based on that one slide.

We’re pretty sure this is the slide.

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