The 6 Most Shocking TSA Pat-Downs

airport security line

Photo: AP

TSA officials at a Florida airport on Sunday forced a 95-year-old woman—suffering from leukemia and on her way to visit relatives with her daughter in Michigan—to take off her adult diaper and go through a security search for 45 minutes after they discovered something “suspicious” on her leg.This is only the most recent episode of shocking security stops in airports.

Since bringing in full-body scanning machines, airline passengers must decide whether they would rather pass through radiation or get a pat-down from a guard.

The Florida officials who searched the 95-year-old cancer patient defended themselves yesterday, saying they were simply following procedure.

But The Daily Beast has compiled six viral YouTube videos describing searches that blatantly crossed the line: from security at a New Orleans airport telling a six-year-old’s mother that her child would have to be searched, to a former Miss USA winner getting felt up by TSA after avoiding the body scan machine.

Click here to see the videos at The Daily Beast >

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