The Sippo smart cup promises to help us 'never forget to drink again'

‘Drink up!’

This was an offer to test a product that was too good to refuse:

“Sippo, a Bluetooth Smart Cup made of premium stainless steel, is a smart cup that can be controlled through your mobile device!”

How we laughed when we read about the cup which features an app to track hydration levels.

How we snorted derisively at a “smart alarm which reminds you to drink up” and wondered at the desperation of startups scratching the bottom of the barrel for any concept left with which to draw some, any, form of funding.

How we fell silent and scratched our heads when we checked out their Indiegogo campaign:

A cup. With an app. Tagline: “Never Forget to Drink Again!”

260% funded – even before the campaign closes tonight, January 6.

Perhaps Mark Zuckerberg is on to something, taking time out from managing the biggest customer base in the world to raise his own Jarvis, who will hopefully automate his entire life at home by the end of 2016.

This cup – Sippo – was invented by a couple of Aussies, and they managed to get it to a booth at the world’s biggest consumer electronics show, CES, in Las Vegas this week.

So we wanted to take Sippo seriously and find out whether 878 people were about to do their hard-earned cash. Obviously, that’s going to take a few days, and now we’ve got one we’ll report back when we feel like it’s helped us pull something like a proper hydration regime together, if such a thing exists.

For now, here’s a look at what you’ll get out of the box and how it works on start-up.

It came in an unobtrusive carry bag:

It’s a nice design and pleasant to hold, but the lack of a sipper lid is an immediate concern for coffee and tea-drinkers:

It has a tea strainer! Personally, as a pot man, I love this, but it’s a strange mix of old and new:

And the bottom pops on and off because of magnets. You’ll need a couple of AAAs:

A rechargeable option would make more sense, but maybe the Sippo team are keeping the cost down. And we’ll maybe there’s not a lot of drag on the AAAs anyway; we’ll find out.

Next, download the app – Google Play or App Store

Unfortunately, it’s not rolled out yet and we haven’t been given access to the beta version. But we will, soon, and it should go something like this:

Here it is telling you it’s time to take a sip

This should be interesting. Name my issue of the day – stress, anxiety, anger – and my wife will tell me it’s because I’m “not drinking enough water”.

In fact, that’s exactly the premise upon which Sippo’s inventors, Troy Gay and Daniel Roney, thought they might be onto something:

“Troy and Dan were fed up with coming home to their loved ones exhausted, tired and dehydrated from forgetting to drink during the busy day. And after talking with friends and family, they were not alone. Being dehydrated because you forget to drink when you are busy is a common problem, and it had to end!”

For me, that’s clearly not true, as I drink litres of the stuff in coffee, tea, milk, juice and sometimes, water. Six glasses a day, easily.

And yes, they count as fluid intake.

But I could be wrong, as I often am in matters of domestic science.

We’ll let you know in a week or two.

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