The Single Most Powerful Business Secret

No self-help book purchase or business seminar required.

Here’s the single most powerful business secret I’ve learned over the past few years. Are you ready for it?

Always act from a position of great power, and inner confidence. Cliche, but it will save you many times. When dealing with a business partner or client who is more powerful than you are, this can seem difficult to do — because this policy means, if necessary, walking away from a lucrative deal until you can come back to the table and add value in a way that puts you on a level footing.

I don’t believe in negotiating out of fear, anxiety, or “scarcity thinking.” If your client is trying to run the fear game, let them know there are many other clients out there. 

Recently, a very large company treated my site in a way that is frankly subpar. They also made an unreasonable request, backed by a vague threat.

This former marketing partner does not realise, however, that I have saved all of my email correspondence with them over the past six months. And if they continue to harass me, I’ll simply release all of the emails into the public domain. Let the public decide if their executives have been operating in an acceptable manner.

Here I am, undeniably far smaller than they are. But I can act from a position of power and confidence, because I have been direct in my dealings with them.

If you maintain the moral high-ground, rather than caving into fear, you can’t really lose.

It’s when you succumb to fear that you begin to look for “shortcuts.” 

If you can’t make a deal coming from a place of power, don’t make the deal. Negotiating and begging are two very different things.