The "Single Most Effective Tool To Use During A Job Search": HIRE ME Tees

hire me tee

Not having a job is usually a sore subject, and it’s certainly not something many people want to promote. Still, one company is hoping they can turn a profit from the recession, and your joblessness.

Hire Me Tee is an apparel company that will make any “Hire Me” slogan you want, slap it across your chest, and get you promoting your unemployment (yes, this company is real, you can’t make this stuff up). 

Pre-made shirts include, HIRE ME I’m a financial advisor, and HIRE ME I’m a dog walker. You can even get “fun” or “sexy” hire me shirts, such as HIRE ME I’m a beer pong champion, and HIRE ME I’m pregnant.

Hire Me Tee claims they are the single most effective tool to use during a job search. “Our line of apparel provides unlimited opportunities to start networking in a non-confrontational manner while you are out in public. Make that being at the right place at the right time a reality. According to the U.S. Department of labour, 70% of all jobs are obtained thorough networking,” they write on their site.

One Hire Me rep says wearing their shirts is like a walking billboard, and it enables casual networking on the fly.

We’d be curious to know how their plot to profit from your joblessness has worked out for them. We assume not well. We’ll point out the obvious:

  1. Why would you want to publically promote unemployment?
  2. If you’re really unemployed, the last thing you want to spend money on is a silly t-shirt. 
  3. Finding a job via email or the internet works just fine for most people, and it’s free. 

One thing they do have going for them: it’s certainly an out-of-box approach.

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