Check Out The Shotgun Apple Designer Marc Newson Designed

We’re finally getting a close look at the shotgun Apple designer Marc Newson made for Beretta, which was unveiled in London last night, according to Dezeen Magazine.

Newson is a close friend of Jony Ive, who heads up Apple’s hardware design team.

Beretta didn’t ask Newson to reinvent the wheel. His take on their model 486 Parallelo is an elegant update to an otherwise decent-looking product.

Beretta says the gun’s “unique design” is “extremely elegant and instantly recognisable.”

We’ll let you make that call for yourself, but there’s no doubt that Newson labored over the details of this product. I mean, just look at it.

Beretta says the engraving, dragon and all, is “a clear homage to Asia as the homeland of the pheasant.”

Here’s a look at the gun’s slimmed down forend.

The base model 486 retails for roughly $US6,000, so we can expect Newson’s version to cost a lot more than that.

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