The 'Shooter Sandwich' Is All The Rage And The Sandwich Of Your Dreams

Chicken parm shooter sandwich smashedmintberryjelly/RedditCheck out those layers!

August is National Sandwich Month. Rejoice.

And while all sandwiches are awesome in their own special way, there’s one sandwich that rules them all:

The Shooter Sandwich.

Also known as a “smashed sandwich,” the Shooter Sandwich is a layered masterpiece that has been gaining traction on Reddit.

All that needs doing is to cut the top off a loaf of bread and hollow out the inside. Then add layers of meat, cheese, and veggies into the loaf until it’s ready to burst.

Wrap it up in butcher’s paper and/or tinfoil, and place a cutting board on top weighed down with your heaviest household objects.

After a few hours, the result is a sandwich pie of sorts. Stick it in the oven to let the cheese melt, and cut it into slices for a dense, glorious meal.

There’s some great smashed sandwich recipes on /r/food, but keep reading to see our favourites.

Have a shooter sandwich recipe we should include? Tell us about it in the comments below.

Let's start with a classic Steak Shooter Sandwich. Get a loaf of Italian bread, some rib eye steaks, a pound of mushrooms, an onion, and some bacon ready.

After cooking up the steak and bacon and sautéing the mushrooms and onions, load everything into your hollowed-out Italian loaf. Add the sauces of your choice throughout.

Wrap it up in butcher's paper and some tinfoil and place a cutting board with weights on top.

After about four hours, it becomes a glorious compressed sandwich. It's basically a sandwich pie. Enjoy.

Now for the chicken Parmesan shooter. Grab a sourdough loaf, chicken nuggets, marinara sauce, onions, and some Parmesan and mozzarella cheeses.

Load it up, wrap it up, and then smush it for a few hours.

An Italian Shooter Sandwich is just like a regular Italian sandwich, but with more food. Cook up your sausages and veggies, and hollow out a loaf of bread.

Load up the ingredients and add dollops of tomato sauce between the layers. When smashing it down, the sauce will leak into every nook and cranny.

Put the bread lid on and wrap that sucker up. Crush it.

After a few hours, this meat-marbled dream of a meal is ready to impress.

Now for a bit of mix and match with the Fajitas Shooter Sandwich infused with chicken, cheese, salsa, and bacon.

Combine everything then press that sandwich creatively. The choice of weights are nearly as important as the sandwich.

Success. Hungry yet? Are you a veg head? Not to worry...

You can make a Shooter Sandwich, too.

Tomatoes, pesto, fresh mozzarella, zucchini, arugula, caramelized onions. Mix. Then put the bread lid on top.

Wrap it up in tinfoil and smash it all down. Be merciless.

The result this time are meatless layers of veggie goodness.

Want to celebrate National Sandwich Month a different way?

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