The Sexiest Wall Streeters Alive

Ricky Sandler

Success on Wall Street means watching your ideas and work in action while making a sizable amount of money in the process.

That in and of itself is impressive, but there are some people on Wall Street that take that to the next level — they make the Street look sexy.

From bank CEOs to hedge funders and beyond, we found the 32 sexiest people in finance.

With a combination of success, power, generosity, good looks, fashion sense, and personality, these people are the full package.

#32 David Tepper

Age: 55

Firm: President and Founder, Appaloosa Management

Education: BA, University of Pittsburgh; MBA, Carnegie Mellon University

Tepper, who runs a $12 billion distressed-debt hedge fund, has one of the best long-term track records. In 2012, he was up 30%, while a lot other funds struggled to find alpha. He was also the best paid hedge fund manager last year.

He has made headlines this year by coming out as massively bullish on U.S. equities.

Aside from his investing acumen, Tepper has an incredible sense of humour. The former high school musical star even broke out in song on live TV.

#31 Brady Dougan

Age: 53

Firm: CEO, Credit Suisse Group

Education: BA, MBA, University of Chicago

Dougan has been making comments this year that banker pay is outpacing shareholder returns. He told Bloomberg TV, 'That's not sustainable. That's not right.'

Dougan got a 34% raise in 2012, taking home $8.2 million. In 2011 he took a 69% pay cut, taking home $3.3 million. The bank's board pointed out in its annual report that year that he was 'taking real and direct accountability' for the bank's lackluster earnings and share performance.

Outside of the office, he's a marathoner with a passion for long distance running. We hear that he's also frequently spotted lifting weights in the morning at the bank.

#30 Mary Callahan Erdoes

Age: 46

Firm: CEO, JPMorgan Asset Management

Education: BA, Georgetown University; MBA, Harvard University

Erdoes, whose $2 trillion unit acts independently, bet against the 'London Whale' trade that lost JPMorgan's CIO office billions, according to DealBook.

She also got a compensation package larger than JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon.

#29 Lee Ainslie III

Age: 49

Firm: Co-founder and Managing Partner, Maverick Capital

Education: BA, University of Virginia; MBA, UNC-Chapel Hill

Ainslie, who is one of Julian Robertson's 'Tiger Cubs', was only 29 when he launched Maverick. He was one of the top performing hedge funds in 2012 returning 16% compared to a loss of 15.8% in the previous year.

He's incredibly philanthropic. He served as the chair of the Robin Hood Foundation. He currently serves on the executive committee.

#28 Thomas Sandell

Age: 52

Firm: Founder, Sandell Asset Management

Education: BA, Uppsala University; MBA, Columbia University

Sandell's flagship fund finished up 15.5% in 2012.

The billionaire hedge fund manager, who is a Swedish citizen, is also a former badminton prodigy.

#27 Christopher O'Neill

Age: 38

Firm: Partner, Noster Capital

Education: BA, Boston University; MBA, Columbia University

O'Neill is the head of research at Noster Capital, a value investing hedge fund. The hedge funder holds dual citizenship in the U.S. and U.K. He just married Swedish princess Madeline, but declined to take a royal title and will continue working in finance.

#26 Michael Novogratz

Age: 47

Firm: President, Fortress Investment Group

Education: BA, Princeton University

Before going into finance, Novogratz served as a helicopter pilot in the U.S. Army. Outside of work, he runs non-profit Beat the Streets, which builds wrestling programs in New York City public schools.

He's also one of the best-dressed people on Wall Street.

#25 Meredith Whitney

Age: 43

Firm: Founder and CEO, Meredith Whitney Advisory Group LLC

Education: BA, Brown University

Whitney just published her book Fate of the States.

Back in 2007, when Whitney was a managing director/analyst at Oppenheimer she gained notoriety for predicting Citigroup would have problems with its mortgage holdings.

Last summer, she made the call that the financial services sector would shed 50,000 jobs.

She also predicted a wave of muni bond defaults during a '60 Minutes' interview back in 2010. That hasn't happened.

#24 J. Kyle Bass

Age: 43

Firm: Founder, Hayman Capital Management

Education: BA, Texas Christian University

The Texan hedge fund manager, who has been looking more trim in recent years, famously bet against the subprime housing market. His most recent bearish bet has been Japan. He's been predicting a debt collapse there for some time.

#23 Pierre Lagrange

#22 Whitney Tilson

Age: 47

Firm: Kase Capital (Previously co-managed T2 Partners)

Education: BA, MBA, Harvard University

Tilson is a connector who brings people in the hedge fund world together. He's the chairman emeritus of the Value Investing Congress, which features speakers like David Einhorn, Barry Rosenstein and Bill Ackman. He is the co-founder of the Value Investor Insight newsletter and he just published his book The Art of Value Investing.

Tilson is a leader in the education reform space. After graduating from college, he helped launch Teach For America and he's involved in a number of education reform groups. He's also involved in charities that focus on Africa. He spent much of his childhood in Tanzania and Nicaragua.

#21 Steve Young

Age: 51

Company: C0-founder and Managing Director, Hunstman Gay Global Capital

Education: BA, Brigham Young University

Young was one of the best NFL quarterbacks ever. The left-hander spent most of his football career with the San Francisco 49ers and was inducted into Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2005.

#20 Elena Ambrosiadou

Age: 54

Firm: Co-founder and CEO, IKOS

Education: Leeds University; Imperial College London; MBA Cranfield

She recently went through a divorce and then won the battle for the rights to the hedge fund's secret trading algorithm. Even though her ex-husband actually wrote the software when he was an employee at the fund, the judged ruled that it belongs to IKOS, which Ambrosiadou still runs, according to Bloomberg News.

#19 Jason Ader

Age: 44

Firm: Founder and CEO, Ader Investment Management

Education: BA, MBA, New York University

Ader sits on the Board of Directors of Las Vegas Sands Corp., a developer of destination properties, that owns resorts in Las Vegas, Macau, and Singapore. He helped open up Macau's casino market in the 1990s.

#18 Paul Arrouet

Age: 42

Firm: Managing Partner, Marblegate Asset Management

Education: BA, University of Pennsylvania

Arrouet manages Marblegate Asset Management with Andrew Milgram, who 'together have over 25 years of distressed and high yield credit investment experience across multiple credit cycles,' according to the firm.

Before Marblegate, Arrouet was a senior managing director at Bear Stearns for almost 12 years.

Arrouet plays squash, and is married to Dylan's Candy Bar owner and daughter of Ralph Lauren, Dylan Lauren.

#17 James Dinan

Age: 54

Firm: Founder, York Capital Management

Education: BA, University of Pennsylvania; MBA, Harvard University

The billionaire hedge fund manager began his career on Wall Street at Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette.

He lost his entire life savings on 'Black Monday' in 1987. He launched York Capital in 1991. Today the fund manages more than $15 billion in assets.

His York Credit Opportunities finished up 15% in 2012 and his York Capital finished up 9% last year, according to Bloomberg.

It was revealed back in March that he's betting against JCPenney, the retailer that hedge fund manager Bill Ackman has been rooting for since 2010.

#16 Glenn Dubin

Age: 56

Firm: Founder and CEO, Highbridge Capital Management

Education: BA, SUNY Stony Brook University

Dubin's Highbridge Capital finished 2012 up 11%. He was paid handsomely, too, taking home $150 million.

The billionaire hedge fund manager is married to Eva Andersson-Dubin, an internist and breast cancer survivor who was crowned Miss Sweden in 1980. Together, they donated $16 million to found the Dubin Breast centre at Mount Sinai Medical centre. Dubin also dated Bianca Jagger, Mick Jagger's first wife, in the early 1980s.

#15 Jamie Dimon

Age: 57

Firm: Chairman/CEO, JPMorgan Chase

Education: BA, Tufts University; MBA, Harvard University

Dimon, who has been referred to as 'Obama's favourite banker,' successfully guided his bank through the financial crisis. However, he tripped up when he referred to media reports about the 'London Whale' trade as a 'tempest in a teapot.' That derivatives trade lost JPMorgan's CIO office in London billions.

Since then, Dimon has been criticised and people were calling for him to be stripped of his chairman role. He ended up winning the shareholder vote, though.

#14 Blythe Masters

Age: 44

Firm: Head of Global Commodities, JPMorgan Chase

Education: BA, Trinity College Cambridge

She was named managing director at age 28, the youngest woman ever in the firm's history, according to The Wall Street Journal. She's also credited for being one of the creators of the 'credit default swap' during a deal with Exxon back in 1994.

In her spare time, Masters competes in serious amateur horseback riding shows to relieve stress.

#13 Mark Patterson

Age: 62

Firm: Co-founder and CEO, MatlinPatterson

Education: BA, Stellenbosch University South Africa; MBA, New York University

The South African native is the co-founder of multi-billion dollar private equity firm MatlinPatterson, which was established as a spinout from Credit Suisse.

Outside of the office, Patterson is a racecar driver for United Autosports. He lives in Westchester County, New York and enjoys playing the guitar.

#12 Geraldine Sundstrom

Age: 38

Firm: Partner, Brevan Howard

Education: Université Paris Dauphine; Birkbeck College at London University

Sundstrom is the portfolio manager for the Brevan Howard Global Emerging Markets Strategies.

She first started working in emerging markets at Citigroup. Three years later, Louis Bacon's Moore Capital hired her and made her a portfolio manager. She generated positive returns in 2008 while a lot emerging market funds got annihilated.

She isn't doing so hot this year, though. The Wall Street Journal reported that her fund is off 14% for the year through June 21.

#11 Sergio Ermotti

Age: 53

Firm: CEO, UBS

Education: Oxford University

The 'impeccably dressed' banker took over as CEO after Oswald Gruebel resigned following a $2 billion rogue trading scandal at the Swiss banking giant in 2011.

#10 Daniel Loeb

Age: 51

Firm: Founder, Third Point

Education: BA Columbia University

Earlier this year, the American Federation of Teachers (a labour union) went after Loeb and a bunch of other fund managers for supporting education reform groups and placed them on a black list that was sent out to pension fund trustees (a.k.a. huge hedge fund investors). These education reform groups want to get rid of defined benefit plans, which doesn't sit well with the union. Instead of backing down, Loeb upped the ante and donated $1 million to a group of charter schools.

Loeb is also known for writing strongly worded (and public) letters to companies and CEOs. His most recent letter to Sony calling for a spin off of its entertainment business via an IPO was much more tame.

In his spare time, Loeb surfs, does yoga and competes in triathlons.

#9 Alexandra Lebenthal

Age: Unavailable

Firm: President and CEO, Lebenthal & Company

Education: BA, Princeton University

Alexandra Lebenthal is known for being an amazing networker and she's incredibly well-connected on the Street. She's also the recruiter for Wall Street's secret society Kappa Beta Phi, according to Fortune.

Lebenthal is also the author of a novel, The Recessionistas.

#8 Ricky Sandler

Age: 44

Firm: Founder and CEO, Eminence Capital

Education: BA University of Wisconsin

Sandler had a really solid 2012. According to Value Walk, his $1.46 billion long/short equity hedge fund was up more than 23% through the beginning of December.

At just 25 years old, Sandler co-founded his first hedge fund, Fusion Partners, with Wayne Cooperman, who still runs the same firm, now called Cobalt Capital Management.

#7 Andreas Halvorsen

Age: Est. 49

Firm: Co-founder and CEO, Viking Global Investors

Education: BA Williams College; MBA Stanford University

Halvorsen, who runs $18 billion long/short equity hedge fund Viking Global, is a former platoon commander for the Norwegian SEAL Team and a Julian Robertson's Tiger Management alum.

The so-called 'Tiger cub' hedge funder made the Forbes billionaire's list this year. He has an estimated net-worth of $1.3 billion.

Business Insider spotted him at the start line of the JPMorgan Corporate Challenge this year.

#6 Bill Ackman

Age: 47

Firm: Founder and CEO, Perishing Square Capital Management

Education: BA, MBA Harvard University

Ackman, who runs $12 billion Pershing Square, publicly revealed that he's shorting more than $1 billion worth of Herbalife stock. Ackman believes that the company is a pyramid scheme, and the FTC will be induced to investigate. He has also pledged to donate 100% of his personal profits to charity.

Not everyone agrees with Ackman, though. The stock price has moved up tremendously since then and his long-term rival Carl Icahn even snapped up a huge long position.

He knows how to keep calm, though. During a CNBC segment, Ackman was composed and collected, while Icahn dropped curse words and hurled insults at Ackman calling him a 'crybaby in the schoolyard.'

Still, Ackman seems to have remained confident. He told the FT that bringing down Herbalife would be the 'greatest achievement' of his life.

#5 Mellody Hobson

Age: 44

Firm: President, Ariel Investments

Education: BA Princeton University

Hobson has been the president of Chicago-based mutual fund company Ariel Investments since 2000. She's a frequent contributor of financial content to ABC's Good Morning America, and a regular columnist for Black Enterprise magazine.

Hobson has been dating renowned film director George Lucas since 2006. The two got engaged earlier this year, and were married on June 22.

#4 Frederic Oudéa

Age: 49

Firm: CEO, Société Générale

Education: École Bationale d'Administration; École Polytechnique

Oudéa served a brief stint as Nicolas Sarkozy's technical advisor before joining Société Générale in 1995. In just eight years he rose from the head of SocGen's corporate banking arm in London to the top of the company as deputy CFO, and was named CEO in 2008.

The Frenchman has backpacked across Canada, Burma, and Nepal with Stéphane Richard, Christine Lagarde's former chief of staff and current president of France Telecom.

#3 David Einhorn

Age: 44

Firm: Founder and President, Greenlight Capital

Education: BA Cornell University

When he talks about a company, the stock is likely to move (usually down) and even he knows it. 'Apparently now I'm a verb,' Einhorn jokingly said at a hedge fund conference showing a Wall Street Journal article with the word 'Einhorned' in the headline.

Einhorn made headlines earlier this year by going after Apple for its massive cash reserves. Most recently, he's been playing in the World Series of Poker.

Einhorn is not your typical billionaire. His mother Nancy comes to watch his presentations at conferences and he drives a minivan.

#2 Louis Bacon

Age: 54

Firm: Founder and CEO, Moore Capital Management

Education: BA Middlebury College; MBA Columbia University

Not only is Bacon regarded as top global macro trader, but an industry source tells us that the North Carolina native is a 'true gentleman.'

Last year, Bacon returned $2 billion of his flagship fund's investor capital citing opportunities for his fund's strategy being constrained. It was a difficult environment for many funds to find alpha. By giving back investor money, he really showed how much integrity he had. Hedge fund managers make their money off of fees--typically '2 and 20.' So giving back 25% of the fund's assets under management for the flagship fund is a really big deal.

Bacon is also active on the charity and environmental conservation circuit.

#1 Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece

Age: 46

Firm: Managing Partner, Ortelius Capital Partners

Education: BA Hellenic College of London; MS Georgetown University

The Crown Prince co-founded alternative investment management firm Ortelius Capital Partners in 2002. He has helped launch a number of investment management firms in the past.

He served as a Lieutenant in the British Army. He graduated from Georgetown University with a B.A. and Masters degree in foreign relations and economics.

He's multilingual, speaking Greek, English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian, and is also an experienced bluewater yachtsman.

Now let's meet some of the top women on Wall Street.

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