The Sexiest Business Reporters Alive

Business news is serious business.  Serious business reporters are talented, hard-working, dedicated professionals who are very serious.  Because it’s a serious business!

But some serious business reporters also bring to the job a certain–how shall we say it–je ne sais quoi.

So let’s get right to it.

Here are the Sexiest Business Reporters Alive* >



You may be relieved to learn that our criteria here was not “boobs.”  Believe it or not, we’re more sophisticated than that.  We considered hair, too. 

And brains!  There’s nothing sexier than brains.  And presence.  And confidence, poise, and authority.  And wittiness.  And chutzpah.  And charm.  And talent.  And success.  And style.  And all those other qualities that arouse the animal spirits.

We should say upfront that there are a lot of sexy people in this business–way more than we could fit in this list. We also regret to say that thanks to the vast, faceless news edifices that constitute the bulk of Dow Jones, Reuters, AP, CNN, and Bloomberg, we were not able to scientifically evaluate every business reporter on the planet.  So we apologise to any smouldering representatives of the profession we may have missed. 

David Faber

Company: CNBC, Squawk on the Street

It's called 'The Faber Report.' Need we say more?

Margaret Brennan

Company: Bloomberg Television

Nice catch, Margaret! Nice catch, Bloomberg!

Andrew Ross Sorkin

Company: New York Times


Victoria Murphy Barrett

Company: Forbes, Associate Editor

Even people who haven't worked at Forbes for years still talk about her.

Julia Boorstin

Company: CNBC

Lovely and smart never goes out of style.

Alexis Glick

Company: Fox Business Network, Money For Breakfast and The Opening Bell

Absolutely fabulous.

Diana Olick

Company: CNBC, Real Estate Reporter

One benefit of the housing collapse: More Diana.

Joe Kernen

Company: CNBC, Squawk Box

Unpretentious, consistent, knowledgeable, polite. Always a pleasure.

Kate Kelly

Company: Wall Street Journal

Sharp, articulate, aggressive...and cute as a button.

Mark Haines

Company: CNBC, Squawk on the Street

Not your typical pin-up. But funny! Funny is always sexy.

Betty Liu

Company: Bloomberg Television

Erik Schatzker

Company: Bloomberg Televison

One positive side effect of getting up at 4AM.

Carl Quintanilla

Company: CNBC, Squawk Box

How many business reporters do you know that have been named to People's list of Most Beautiful People?

Erin Burnett

Company: CNBC, Squawk on the Street

No explanation necessary.

Dylan Ratigan

Company: MSNBC, Morning Meeting


(And did you ever notice that he's funny? The new show has let him cut loose...)

Deirdre Bolton

Company: Bloomberg Television, In Focus

Another reason to get up at 4.

Liz Claman

Company: Fox Business Network, Countdown To The Closing Bell

Experience, charm,

Melissa Francis

Company: CNBC, The Call


Maria Bartiromo

Company: CNBC, The Closing Bell

The original.

Jenna Lee

Company: Fox Business Network, Fox Business Morning

Rupert's no fool.

Gretchen Morgenson

Company: New York Times

Tough as nails never looked this good.

Becky Quick

Company: CNBC, Squawk Box

Even Warren Buffett has a crush on her.

Mary Thompson

Company: CNBC

Class act.

Gillian Tett

Company: Financial Times

Brainy. British. Babe.

Zack Kouwe

Company: New York Times

There's hope for print.

Rebecca Jarvis

Company: CNBC


Who Did We Miss?

Add names/links to the comments or send your favourite heartthrobs to [email protected].

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