The Sexiest Athletes Alive!

We watch sports for the thrill, excitement, and passion we feel for our favourite teams.
But let’s face it: Sex appeal is a huge part of which athletes and sports we end up following.

Bottom-tier athletes can become stars on the sheer force of their sexiness, and star players can become crossover celebrities with enough good looks.

So who are the sexiest athletes alive?

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We chose 50 men and women from across the sports landscape who are astonishingly good-looking and still relevant to their sports. They are sexy because of their abs, smiles, eyes, hair, pecs, and biceps, but also because of their dance moves, fashion choices, and bubbly senses of humour.

They each have a unique brand of sexiness that grabbed the attention of the public and helped them become more popular than they might have been otherwise.

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#50 Hope Solo

U.S. Women's National Team (soccer)

Age: 32

She's one of the more polarising female athletes in sports, and is prone to confrontations with the media. But she doesn't get that status without the sex appeal that -- combined with her goaltending in the 2011 World Cup -- made her a mainstream star in the first place.

#49 Tally Hall

Houston Dynamo (soccer)

Age: 28

Soccer players might be in better shape than any other collection of athletes. Hall is no exception.

He's one of the top goalies in MLS and he looks darn good doing it.

#48 Dustin Johnson


Age: 29

Johnson has one of the most consistent five o'clock shadows on tour. He's also dating Wayne Gretzky's often scantily-clad daughter Paulina Gretzky.

#47 Vanessa-Mae

Thai skier

Age: 35

Vanessa-Mae is a renowned violinist. Now she's trying to qualify for the Sochi Olympics as a skier for Thailand.

#46 Caroline Wozniacki


Age: 23

Wozniacki's tennis game has fallen off, but she's still dating golfer Rory McIlroy and she's one of the most well-known female players in the world.

#45 Tiger Woods


Age: 37

Tiger was at the center of a sex scandal the likes of which the sports world has never seen. Obviously there's something attractive about him, and he makes golf pretty sexy.

#44 Colin Kaepernick

San Francisco 49ers

Age: 26

Kaepernick has a unique look from the rest of this list. But the guy exudes sexiness.

From the tattoos to the perfectly chiseled abs, Kaepernick is basically the definition of sexy.

#43 Paula Creamer


Age: 27

She had a great 2013, finishing in the top 10 in six of the 21 events she played in.

She's probably one of the most well-known female golfers in the world, not because she's so dominant, but because of her good looks and off-the-course fashion choices.

#42 Bryce Harper

Washington Nationals

Age: 21

Harper is super confident.

He's good and he knows it. And he's only 21 so he has many more years to get even sexier.

#41 Rafael Nadal



Rafael Nadal tears people apart with ease on the tennis court, and he looks really good doing it.

His smile is perfect, his eyes look into your soul, and his hair is perfectly coiffed. Did we mention he's from Spain?

#40 Aimee Fuller


Age: 22

Fuller, a British slopestyle snowboarder, is probably going to be a huge star at the Sochi Olympics.

#39 Adrian Peterson

Minnesota Vikings

Age: 28

Adrian Peterson has the best and most contagious smile in the NFL, hands down.

He's just adorable, and also an absolute beast on the football field.

#38 Novak Djokovic


Age: 26

Novak is one of the goofier elite athletes in the world. But he's also in phenomenal shape and shows more personality than Federer and Nadal.

#37 Alyson Dudek

Speed Skater

Age: 23

Dudek won bronze in a relay in the last Olympics, at just 19 years old.

Look out for her at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, she's sure to stick out.

#36 Shane Battier

Miami Heat

Age: 35

Shane Battier just keeps getting better with age, much like George Clooney.

His big brown eyes and perfect scruff are totally irresistible. He also happens to play for one of the best teams in the NBA.

#35 Maria Kirilenko


Age: 26

Kirilenko had her best year ever on the court, reaching the top 10. Off the court, she formed one of the best power couples in sports with NHL player Alex Ovechkin.

#34 Tony Parker

San Antonio Spurs

Age: 31

Tony Parker is tall, buff, handsome, and French.

If that's not sexy, we're not sure what is.

#33 Marta Menegatti

Italian beach volleyball player

Age: 23

Marta looks like a model and she plays a sport that requires its athletes to wear bikinis.

She was reduced to tears at the last Olympics, but she's still young and should be in her prime by the 2016 Games.

#32 Tony Romo

Dallas Cowboys

Age: 33

Tony Romo is an all-American boy. He's the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. Even without his scruff and deep brown eyes, he'd be sexy.

#31 Roger Federer


Age: 32

Fed is blessed with an overwhelming sense of suaveness. Even on the tennis court he carries himself like a man wearing a finely tailored suit.

#30 Usain Bolt

Olympic sprinter

Age: 27

Usain Bolt is the fastest man in the world, and that alone makes him sexy. On top of being fast, he's super confident and looks great wearing a suit.

#29 Alissa Czisny

Figure skater

Age: 23

After a hip surgery, the two-time U.S. champion is making a comeback before Sochi.

Her smile will surely be shining bright on the ice this winter.

#28 Victoria Azarenka


Age: 24

'Vika' is probably the most outgoing player in women's tennis. She danced and partied with the guy from LMFAO at the U.S. Open.

She's also six-feet tall and has a killer body to go with her bubbly personality.

#27 Reggie Bush

Detroit Lions

Age: 27

Reggie Bush is fast. Bush runs a 4.38 40-yard dash, and usually runs them right into the endzone. He also had a fling with the beautiful and famous Kim Kardashian.

And just look at that smile.

#26 Justin Upton

Atlanta Braves

Age: 27

Justin Upton had a dominant year for the Braves, and many were hopeful he'd lead them to the playoffs.

He's strong, tough, and confident, all of which, makes him sexy.

#25 Julia Mancuso


Age: 29

She'll be one of the more outgoing personalities in Sochi. She launched a lingerie line after the last Olympics.

#24 Kobe Bryant

LA Lakers

Age: 35

Nothing is sexier than when someone speaks their mind, and that is exactly what Kobe Bryant does. He's one of the best basketball players to ever step on the court, and he knows it.

Some people call it cocky, we call it sexy.

#23 Kevin Love

Minnesota Timberwolves

Age: 25

Kevin Love is one of the funniest guys in the NBA. Love was an absolute must Twitter follow during the Olympics because he was always tweeting great photos of himself and the team.

He's the kind of sexy guy you'd want to bring home to mum and dad.

#22 Russell Wilson

Seattle Seahawks

Age: 24

Russell Wilson is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL right now which gives him automatic sexy points.

He's perfectly ripped, has deep-set eyes, and a smile that lights up an entire NFL stadium.

#21 Serena Williams


Age: 32

Serena is known for her interest in fashion and her sometimes scandalous outfits during big tournaments.

She absolutely dominates on the court, so sexiness comes easy.

#20 Tom Daley

British Olympic diver

Age: 19

Tom Daley burst onto the scene during the summer of 2012 as one of the hottest Olympic athletes out there. Daley has abs to die for and a smile no one can resist. He won a bronze medal for Great Britain on the 10 meter platform.

Daley also specialises in the 'ghetto slut drop.'

#19 Dwyane Wade

Miami Heat

Age: 31

Wade is one of the most stylish guys in the NBA, and fights on the front lines of the NBA's fashion wars.

He also has a great smile and a sculpted body.

#18 Jay Cutler

Chicago Bears

Age: 30

A lot of people can't stand Jay Cutler because he's kind of a jerk, but that's exactly why we find him sexy. Cutler isn't a jerk. He's just himself. He doesn't put on a show for the world, and that's what's really sexy.

#17 Ronda Rousey

MMA Fighter

Age: 26

Ronda Rousey was one of the first women to ever fight in the UFC. Rousey has never lost a single professional MMA fight, either. She is awesome.

Rousey also said she 'tries to have as much sex as possible' when she has a fight coming up.

#16 Eric Decker

Denver Broncos

Age: 26

The guy is cut from stone. He's one of the most ripped players in the NFL and has a defined jawline to go with it.

#15 Matt Harvey

New York Mets

Age: 24

The young Mets pitcher is dating a model and living in Manhattan. He's poised to take over where Derek Jeter left off.

#14 Alana Blanchard


Age: 23

Blanchard wears some tiny bikinis while surfing. She also helps design them in a deal with Rip Curl.

The beachy blonde is absolutely irresistible.

#13 Bode Miller


Age: 36

Bode Miller has that rugged, I-couldn't-care-less look going on, and it seriously works.

We have a feeling all the attention will be on Bode on the slopes at Sochi at the Winter Olympics as he goes for his second consecutive gold medal.

#12 CJ Wilson

L.A. Angels pitcher

Age: 33

C.J. Wilson is sexy because he speaks his mind. Wilson is outspoken about his political and social beliefs. He also has an incredibly beautiful fiancée, and is a great photographer.

#11 Danica Patrick



Danica Patrick is the most successful female race car driver ever. Her first couple of years in NASCAR were rocky, but she has a promising future.

#10 Lindsey Vonn


Age: 29

Vonn has taken a photoshoot in a bikini on the top of a snowy mountain, and is now dating the most well-known golfer in the entire world.

She's also the best female skier in the world, winning four of the last five World Cups.

#9 Victor Cruz

New York Giants

Age: 27

Victor Cruz has moves.

When Cruz catches a touchdown pass he shows off his salsa moves, and they are sexy. Cruz also knows how to wear a suit.

#8 Alex Morgan

U.S. Women's soccer team

Age: 24

Alex Morgan led her team to a gold medal at the 2012 Olympics. She's taken over for Hope Solo as the official fiercely talented pretty girl on the U.S. national team.

This is what we call sexy. Morgan also has some awesome abs.

#7 Henrik Lundqvist

New York Rangers

Age: 31

Henrik is the king of New York. He has become a gossip magazine fascination because of his good looks and interest in fashion.

And he knows how to pull off the perfect amount of facial hair.

#6 Ana Ivanovic


Age: 26

Ivanovic has been one of the most beautiful athletes in the world since she burst onto the scene after winning the 2008 French Open.

She hasn't won a Grand Slam since, but her model good-looks have landed her in magazines like Vogue and SI's Swimsuit Issue.

She also used to date Adam Scott, our sexiest athlete alive.

#5 Maria Sharapova


Age: 26

The beautiful Maria Sharapova, hailing from Russia, is the second-best female tennis player in the world. Standing 6'2' tall, there's no way your eyes won't gravitate to Sharapova when she walks into a room.

In 2012, Sharapova gracefully won the French Open and an Olympic silver medal.

#4 Cristiano Ronaldo

Real Madrid soccer

Age: 28

On the field, Ronaldo had the best season of his career in 2012, scoring 71 goals in all competitions.

Off the field, he maintained his status as one of the biggest sex symbols in sports by modelling Armani underwear and dating a swimsuit model.

#3 Tom Brady

New England Patriots

Age: 36

Tom Brady is the definition of sexy. He's one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, he's married to a supermodel, and he looks good no matter how ridiculous he's dressed. Brady is also the face of men's UGGs and has done a little modelling himself.

New York and Boston fans alike can't deny this guy is sexy.

#2 Lolo Jones

USA bobsled team

Age: 31

Lolo Jones burst onto the scene during the 2012 Summer Olympics, and it's clear she's here to stay. Jones is not only beautiful and ripped, she's also hilarious.

Now, Jones is on the U.S. bobsled team and will go to the Winter Olympics in Sochi. She made headlines when she came out on Twitter saying she was a virgin.

#1 Adam Scott


Age: 33

Adam Scott is dreamy.

He's a really good golfer and he won the most prestigious golf tournament of 2013. Scott's smile makes everyone's heart melt, and he's from Australia.


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