Two Students Dub Themselves The 'Selfie Police' And Charge Offenders Money For Every Snap They Take

You owe humanity a dollar.

This is the belief of the Selfie Police, a force made up of two Brigham Young University students who monitor the selfie activity of their friends and people (sometimes even celebrities) on social media.

The crime? Taking a narcissistic selfie. The punishment? Fork over a buck for each photo snapped.

But first, donate a dollar yourself before you start policing others; you know you’re just as guilty.

Currently, this is the most-wanted list:

The best part of the Selfie Police is that 100% of the proceeds go to Vittana, a charity that helps low-income kids afford a college education, BetaBeat reports.

So far the cause has raised just under $US1,500.

Here’s how it works:

The site even gives you some tweet ideas (funny ones, mean ones and snotty ones) to use when calling your friends out for their selfies and asking them to give a dollar to the cause.

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