The SEC’s Super Strict Inspector General Is Leaving After Four Years


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The Securities and Exchange Commission’s Inspector General will leave the regulatory agency at the end of this month, Bloomberg News reported.Kotz, who has served as Inspector General since 2007, was tasked with uncovering waste, fraud and abuse at the SEC. 

However, he was somewhat of a controversal figure.

While he received praise from lawmakers on Capitol Hill for being a tough investigator, there was also quite a bit of backlash from staffers and managers inside the SEC, according to a Bloomberg Business Week report.

For example, he blasted the regulatory agency for missing the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme, ousted employees who viewed porn at work and demanded a criminal probe on a former top lawyer at the SEC. 

He’s leaving to become a private investigator for boutique investigative firm Gryphon Strategies, according to Bloomberg.