The Secret of Owning a PR Agency & Writing a PR Book: Don’t Love Me So Much Just Pick Me Up At The Airport

Admittedly, sometimes I am ready to lose my mind with the amount of responsibilities I have – owning a leading US PR Agency, having just completed a PR book, family responsibilities, communal organisations – it’s a lot.  But, my answer for myself is often quite simple and follows one of the greatest entrepreneurial slogans in the world – “JUST DO IT.” Don’t think so much – go out and create and just do it. 

Funny enough, it’s a lesson from the Torah (the Jewish bible) – Jews at Sinai first proclaimed, “we will do.” Only then did they say, “we will listen.” Rabbi Avi Weiss tells a great story illustrating this concept perfectly. He tells of picking up his parents whenever they flew from out of town to NYC and says: “it was my responsibility to meet them at the airport. One time, my father called me to inform me that at the last moment their arrival was moved up by 24 hours. Professing my deep love for my parents, I insisted that I couldn’t change my schedule on such short notice. “You became a hot shot Rabbi,” my father responded, “and don’t have time for your parents?” “I love you deeply,” I protested, “but it’s difficult to alter plans at the last moment.”I’ll never forget my father’s response. “Don’t love me so much, just pick me up at the airport!”

Its really a simple and great lesson for anyone in business – simply act don’t think and fret too much.  Act and get things done.  

Ronn Torossian


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