The Secret Lives Of Teenagers Online: A Full Report From Business Insider

Teens Texting

Photo: Tammy McGary

It isn’t the twentieth century anymore.It turns out today’s teenagers hate talking on the phone. Only 4% of them consider talking on the phone their “favourite” way of talking to friends.

They prefer commenting publicly on each other’s Facebook profiles, or even better: texting.

Even email and instant messages are passé for this crowd.

Know what isn’t? 

Wiping the browser’s history so mum and Dad won’t know which porn sites their teen just went to. Also: minimising windows at the sounds of footsteps.

We learned all this working with Nielsen, Ericsson, McAfee, and Common Sense Media to put together a massive research report called: “The Secret Lives Of Teenagers Online.”

We care because today’s teenagers are tomorrow’s adults – so we better be prepared.

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