The Iraqi Oil Auction Was Like A High-Stakes American Idol

oil auction 2

As the pseudonymous “Pepe Escobar” of Asia Times pointed out, the oil rights to the new Iraq were auctioned off at an American Idol-like televised gameshow.

We’ve never been to American Idol, but this sounded awesome. Way more interesting and important.

Fortunately we found a few wire photos, and we can see what he means.

Rather than watching singers perform warmed over classics, watching Americans, Chinese, Russians, and Norwegians battle over multi-billion dollar oil fields is seriously good TV.

Check out the show >>

The bidding begins. WAY more intense than texting in your vote.

More bidding.

Another bidder.

The other bidders watch nervously. What's the number on his page?!

The bidders leave the stage and wait.

Sadly that's the last of the photos. We know that the Russians and Chinese ended up having a very good day, however.

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