The SEC Is Dominating National Signing Day

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It is National Signing Day for high school football recruits, and so far 276 of ESPN’s top 300 recruits have committed to schools in one of the six BCS conferences or Notre Dame. Below is a look at the schools that have landed at least five top 300 recruits.

So far, Ohio State leads the way with 17 top 300 recruits and 12 in the top 150. But overall, it is the SEC that is dominating the rankings. Of the 12 schools with at least 10 of the top 300, six are in the SEC. And so far, 41% (111) have committed to an SEC school. The Big 10 is next with 46, followed by the Pac-12 (40), ACC (35), Big 12 (24), and Big East (8).

ESPN Top 300 recruits

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