Now You Can Donate To Salvation Army From A Smartphone

Salvation Army

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The Salvation Army is modernizing its red kettle campaign with a fury to make it even easier for you to donate—right from a phone.Not only will its iconic store-front bell ringers accept plastic, but they’ll also take donations via mobile devices, the company said in a statement. 

The mobile phone model will be tested using Android smart phones in at least 10 locations in Dallas, New York City, San Francisco and Chicago. The Salvation Army started allowing consumers to donate via credit card in 2008.

To launch the service, the organisation teamed up with Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey’s new start-up company Square, hoping the initiative will help hike holiday donations this year. The charity raised more than $142 million through its red kettle campaign in 2010.

“We’re proud to be part of The Salvation Army’s longstanding holiday fundraising drive by enabling anyone to donate at a Red Kettle with a credit card,” Dorsey said.

The Salvation Army, which gets about $2 billion in annual revenue, makes a great charitable partner for Square.

The organisation has also worked with other non-profit groups, like a Girl Scout troop in Silicon Valley, and independent merchants trying to offer the credit card options to customers while keeping it affordable for the business.

Square works with small hair salons, taxis, corner stores and other types of small businesses.

Square already processes more than $2 billion payments each year and has shipped out more than 800,000 of its free card readers.

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