The Russian Say They Have Proof That The CIA Uses Gmail To Stay In Touch With Spies

The Russian government says it caught an undercover American CIA agent red-handed.

The Russians say he was trying to recruit Russians into spying on the government.

BI’s Michael Kelley has the whole story.

One interesting aspect of the story is the letter this alleged CIA agent had on him.

The letter offers its recipient $100,000 up front “to discuss your experience, expertise, and cooperation.” It promises as much as $1 million per year for the same going forward.

The letter says that if the recipient would like to accept this offer, the first step he or she should take is to set up a Gmail account.

That’s right, according to alleged evidence against an alleged spy, the CIA uses Gmail to keep in touch with spies.

If all this is real, it’s no wonder that China hacked into Google servers a couple years back.


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