The Rush Limbaugh / Sandra Fluke Brouhaha Is A Media Sham


Wow, good to know the most important issue in our nation today is that a crazy radio show host said some profoundly unkind and unacceptable things to a random law student.

An issue so disturbing that many Democrats — and, indeed, Democratic leadership — have called on an entire political party (the Republicans, of course) to denounce the words of a radio show host. Yes, a person who makes his money from saying outrageous things; not an elected official.

It’s a sham. A sick sham. First of all, Rush Limbaugh can say whatever he wants. If the public finds his views disgusting, the marketplace will eventually push him out.

And I’m not entirely sure why a U.S. President needed to insert himself in the argument between student Sandra Fluke and big, greasy Rush. Aren’t there more important things for a President to be working on? Jobs? The economy? Not sending us into World War III via some prolonged Iranian conflict?

Second of all, while the media’s manufactured “war on women” is raging, there is an actual war being waged on our basic civil rights as American citizens — a war that affects women and men equally.

The draconian NDAA, which is now active, allows the government to imprison you for life without trial, charges, or access to an attorney. (See David’s clip discussing this below.) And Congress is working on H.R. 347, which effectively outlaws peaceful protest in the United States. And Congress tried their hardest to push through SOPA, which would have introduced actual, honest-to-God Internet censorship in the United States as well.

Yet the broadcast media considers Rush Limbaugh’s outburst more newsworthy, and more of a threat to your rights. I don’t get it.

Others are picking up on the sheer incompetence, if not willful misdirection, of our media. WikiLeaks recently dropped a number of their mainstream media partners, and explained in a tweet: “We still work with individual journalists at these organisations but the organisations themselves are too corrupted to deal with as a whole.”

Watch David discuss the NDAA:

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