The rumour Is That Huffington Post Will Win Its First Pulitzer Today

Arianna Huffington


The rumour going around the Huffington Post newsroom is that the AOL-owned site is about to win it’s first Pulitzer prize for its series “Beyond The Battlefield.“If HuffPo did win, it would be AOL CEO Tim Armstrong’s second big win in as many weeks. (Last week he sold 800 patents to Microsoft for a stunning $1 billion.)

The prize would also help Huffington Post’s ad sales team convince brands the site is more than just politics and pictures of Pippa Middleton in Paris.

Finally, one can imagine that Arianna Huffington would be pleased with the news and would be willing to mention it every once in a while.

We’ve pinged AOL PR to find out if the rumours are true and will update this story if we hear back.

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