The ruined Sydney terrace, where a woman's body was found 8 years after she died, sold for $1.1 million

Photo: Domain.

A small, derelict house in a trendy inner city suburb, where a woman’s body was found eight years after she died, has sold for $1,105,000, well above the expected sale price of $700,000.

The Victorian terrace in Surry Hills, which sits on 75.88 square metres of land, was Natalie Jean Wood’s home. Her skeletal remains lay undiscovered until a month before her 87th birthday in 2011. She was 79 when she collapsed and died in 2003 and no one noticed.

Despite appearing “completely uninhabitable,” most home buyers were intrigued by the property and only a few were fazed by its recent history.

At the auction, which attracted a crowd of around 120 people, the bidding started at $600,000. The auctioneer took more than 50 bids from 10 active parties before the property was sold at its final price to an investor builder, who will likely renovate the property.

The dilapidated 139 Kippax Street house has two levels with two bedrooms, an external bathroom and laundry and a garden courtyard, and is walking distance from Central Station and the CBD.

It’s sale price reflects an upward trend in property sales in the area which has experienced a number of successful sales over recent years, including a tiny 2.85m wide terrace house which nearly fetched $1 million at auction last year.

See photos of the property here.

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