The Ron Paul (And Newt Gingrich) Revolution Is Well Underway

Last night’s Florida GOP presidential debate was the best yet for Ron Paul, and for Newt Gingrich. Here are some key takeaways. Also be sure to watch my new videocast (bottom of this post), which includes an update on the mainstream media bias against Ron Paul, and why Mitt Romney has nothing in common with the average man.

– Did Ron Paul take one of those Limitless pills before stepping up to the podium? Certainly appeared that way! His answers were quick-witted, biting, funny — and, of course — right on the mark. The “angry old man” that some viewers had perceived in prior debates was nowhere to be found; Rep. Paul came across as a wise statesman, his well-fitting jacket and tie, and excellent posture in stark contrast to some of his prior debate appearances.

Ron Paul the angry libertarian? No, Ron Paul the boss. At times he channeled Gandalf the Grey, his common-sense views on monetary policy and civil rights appearing to viewers as a form of Middle Earth magic when compared to Mitt Romney’s defensive plays, or Rick Santorum’s, well, whatever Santorum talks about.

– Speaking of Rick Santorum. . . One of my readers via Twitter summed his performance up nicely in a single tweet: “birth control is evil, women shouldn’t work and his children walk on water.” I did find his prolonged ramble about his kids to be nauseating — but if he wants to pander to his imaginary “family values” base, he’s welcome to do so!

– Newt Gingrich was the other star last night. His moving response about the future of American space exploration made me believe he thinks this nation still has some greatness left in it, ready to be squeezed out with the right policy course corrections.

Also, he had some “deep in thought” moments, where he appeared to be burdened — yet accepting — of the great responsibilities that lay ahead. Definitely channeled a wise ancient Roman patriarch at times, which voters looking for a stable and truly presidential candidate are sure to like. Furthermore, as a friend of mine pointed out, he “has a hot wife.”

I’m not entirely sure how that will help him at the polls, but it definitely can’t hurt!

I think Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich will do very well at the polls in Florida. It was also interesting to see the warming relationship between the two of them; Gingrich deferred to Paul’s policy views at several points, perhaps hinting that — one way or another — both may wind up in the White House.

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