The Rise Of Food Pouches Is Great For Consumers

Heinz, ketchup pouch, ketchup

Photo: Image courtesy of Heinz

Pouches are having a moment in the packaged-food world.They’re eye-catching, cheap to produce and offer marketers a real opportunity to connect with millennials ages 18-34, reports Los Angeles Times’ correspondent Emily Bryson York

But the reason we’re excited for them has nothing to do with all that. The more manufacturers embrace these pouches, the more money we’ll be putting in our pocket. Here’s why:

  • Less wasted food. The typical pouch comes in a single-serving, making it the perfect way to combat leftovers. That’s a huge plus considering the average American family throws away about $2,000 per year of uneaten food.
  • Better prices. The fact that pouches are cheaper to produce gives manufacturers less incentive to pass on the cost to consumers.

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