This Japanese Retailer Is Completely Remaking Its Image To Be More Like Manhattan

uniqlo grand opening

Photo: Karlee Weinmann, Business Insider

Japanese retailer Uniqlo created quite a buzz in New York City when it opened a massive flagship store on 5th Ave. in Manhattan last year.And now its president Tadashi Yanai (who’s also Japan’s richest man) wants to bring some of that magic home, reports Cheng Herng Shinn and Shunichi Ozasa at Bloomberg.

It needs a major rebrand back in Japan because it’s seen as a lower-end roadside store, since that’s where its roots are.

Here’s what it’s doing to import the brand’s image from Manhattan and go high-end, according to the Bloomberg report:

  • It’s opening a new store — its largest ever — in Tokyo’s Ginza area. It’s a famous upscale district with a reputation as one of the most luxurious places to shop in the world.
  • Workers will use English as the official language in stores around the world. All managers are going to have to take a TOEIC test (Test of English for International Communication).
  • Uniqlo is going to hire a bunch of foreigners. Yanai wants them to make up half of the staff in its Tokyo headquarters (there are 1,000 employees there) by 2015.

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