The Results Of The 2003 MLB Drug Tests Will Remain Confidential

David Ortiz

Rest assured, we (probably) won’t learn of any more confirmed steroid users from earlier this decade. The government announced it would not appeal an earlier court decision that its seizure of Major League Baseball’s 2003 survey-drug test results was illegal.

In 2004, the government seized the league-wide results, even though it possessed search warrants for just 10 players. Slowly names of confirmed steroid users trickled to the media. David Ortiz, for one, was found to be on the list last summer – six years after MLB administered the tests. Manny Ramirez, Alex Rodriguez, and Sammy Sosa were also among the names leaked thanks to the government’s seizure.

At the time, players were infuriated that their guaranteed confidentiality was breached. Player rep Michael Weiner called this confirmation a “significant victory” for the MLBPA. However, for many of baseball’s biggest names it’s simply too little, too late.

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