The Renewable Power Tower

When Energy AG Upper Austria decided to build its new headquarters in the city of Linz, it took the opportunity to make a big and bold statement about renewable energy.

The nineteen-storey construction, inaugurated in 2008, was the first high-rise office building in the world to use alternative energy from the sun, the earth and water to meet almost all of its energy requirements for heating, cooling and fresh air.

Solar power comes from the station located on the south-western side of the Power Tower. It is one of Austria’s largest photovoltaic facilities.

As to geothermal, 40-six sensors draw thermal energy from deep underground. During the summer, the cooler temperature below ground ensures a pleasant climate in the offices.

Thermal energy is pumped from the ground-water via two wells in order to operate the heating system in wintertime.

In the summer, the well water is mainly used as cooling water for the computer centre.

The building is also energy-efficient and uses only half of the energy that conventional building technology would require for heating and cooling.

Last but not least, besides looking fantastic, the Power Tower saves about 300 tonnes of CO2 per year.