The remote driving technology from ‘Black Panther’ is real, and Nvidia just showed it in action

You still don’t get to try this at home. Picture: Getty Images

Nvidia has brought a scene from Marvel’s hit movie “Black Panther” to life, demonstrating a car being driven remotely by someone wearing a VR headset.

The demo at the 2018 GPU Technology Conference was so fresh Nvidia didn’t even have a name for whatever it was doing.

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang was hosting a discussion on autonomous technologies when he revealed footage of a driverless Ford Fusion pootling around a parking lot.

Huang then directed the audience’s attention to the right of the screen, and “the invisible man”. Here’s the moment:

Nvidia’s Holodeck software powered the magic, which included representing the Ford virtually as a Lexus LC 500 like the one used in “Black Panther”.

Huang told the audience the driver could “see all of his hands and get a full perspective of everything that’s going on in the car”.

“In the future, we can represent all kinds of lidar systems and everything.”