The Red Sox Have Ridiculous Beards Thanks To One Of The Craziest Players In Baseball

In his career, Jonny Gomes has shown up to batting practice
with an axe, celebrated a division title by drinking beer
out of an athletic cup, and
punted his helmetafter hitting a game-winning home run. So it should not be a surprise that he is the reason the Red Sox will look like a “Duck Dynasty” spin-off in the World Series.

Gomes showed up to his first spring training with the Red Sox with his signature long goatee grown out into a beard. At the time, it was neatly trimmed, at least on the sides (see below).

The Red Sox, in need of a bonding mechanism after an epic collapse at the end of 2011 and a last place finish in 2012, quickly rallied around Gomes and his beard according to Jimmy Golen of the Associated Press. Many of the players then decided to grow out one of their own.

Baseball players are also extremely superstitious. So when the Red Sox jumped out to a good start during the regular season, not only did they keep the beards, many of the players refused to trim them. The result is that the 2013 World Series will not be the most aesthetically pleasing Fall Classic ever played.

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