Check Out This Strange Advertisement For Goldman Sachs Wealth Management

weird commericalWTF is that golden wire?

Goldman Sachs Wealth Management seems to have made a really weird advertisement back in 2001.We’re not entirely sure where it ran, if anywhere.

But the advertisement does appear to be authentic.

Goldman seems much too conservative for anything like the weird, almost spooky scenes that are all over the ad.

And then there’s the use of the kooky phrase: “give your wealth the wings to soar.”

weird commericalThis looks like a scene from Beetleguise

But at the end of the video, the ad lists a website “,” whichs actually Goldman’s private wealth management website. And the phone number, 1 877 GOLDMAN, was answered by someone who said they work for “Goldman Sachs customer services.”So we’re betting it is legit, even if it has a scene that looks like it’s straight out of the desert scene in the 1980s movie Beetlejuice (see right). Also because the video was posted by someone who works for The Serial Dreamer, a film production company. It appears he’s made award-winning ads for a bunch of big companies like Nintendo, Sony, Apple, Audi, and AT&T.

We asked a Goldman’s spokesmen if it’s real and will report their response as soon as we get it.

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