The Really Scary Thing About The Bad Reviews For Microsoft's Super Phone

Photo: Business Insider / Matthew Lynley

Microsoft and Nokia were hammered by reviewers who got a chance to play with the Nokia Lumia 900, the phone both companies thought would thrust them back into the smartphone spotlight.The really scary thing about the reviews, from Microsoft’s perspective, is that no one is taking it easy on them any more, as far as the operating system is concerned.

Initially reviewers patted Microsoft on the back for building a nice, different mobile operating system.

They’re done with that now. All they see are flaws that make it weak in comparison to Apple and Google.

Josh Topolsky at The Verge attacked it the hardest:

  • “Let me just put this bluntly: I think it’s time to stop giving Windows Phone a pass … I am very aware of the hard work and dedication Microsoft has put into this platform, but at the end of the day, Windows Phone is just not as competitive with iOS and Android as it should be right now.”
  • “The most glaring issues also happen to be some of the oldest issues — things you think at this point would have been dealt with. Scrolling in third party apps, for instance, is still completely erratic.”
  • “Though Microsoft has added some form of multitasking to the OS, there is nearly never a feeling that apps in the “background” are actually still waiting for you. In fact, many apps still deliver a splash screen to you when you reenter them — if this is a developer issue, then I guess most of the hardworking coders on this platform never got the memo. In short, it kind of sucks to use.”
  • “In the browser, webpages are often displayed incorrectly as IE seems incapable of rendering certain web elements properly.”
  • “Microsoft offers Twitter integration, but it’s so clunky, it would almost be better to not include it at all.”
  • “Elsewhere, software is largely a mishmash of fair-to-middling offerings. The design language of Windows Phone seems to present a real problem to developers on the platform, and most third party titles go off the rails badly.”

Read the rest — and there is plenty more — at The Verge >

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