The "Real" Unemployment Rate Jumps To 17.1%

The BLS’s U-6 number, which is sometimes called the “real” unemployment rate, because it takes into discouraged workers who aren’t looking for work ticked up in April from 16.9% to 17.1%.

Here are some other internals;

  • Persons unemployed 15 weeks or longer held steady at 5.8%.
  • The average workweek increased .1 hours to 34.1 hours.
  • Average hourly earnings increased by a single penny to $22.47.
  • The Federal Government created 66,000 of the 290K jobs gained through the census.
  • The birth/death adjustment (guess) added 188,000 jobs, which bears will seize on
  • The Health Care industry created 20,000 new jobs.
  • Manufacturing added 44,000 jobs (strong)

Read the full report here >

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