Here's The Real Reason The Broncos Just Hired John Fox--A Coach With A Horrible Record

john fox carolina panthers nfl2-14? You’re hired!

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I’m only a casual football fan, but seeing the Broncos hire John Fox–a coach who just got canned because his team had a 2-14 year–made me wonder the same thing I wonder whenever any sports team hires a coach who got fired for losing:Why?

Why do team owners always fall for the hope that it will be “different this time”?

My sports colleagues tell me that, in this case, Fox has had a decent long-term record and that he just had one lousy season.  So this is actually not a particularly good example of the phenomenon.

But you know what I mean… (Eric Mangini, anyone?)

In any event, I did pose the Fox question to someone close to the Denver Broncos.  Here’s what I learned…

John Fox is well-regarded as a defensive coach (it’s his forte).

The Broncos are a terrible defensive team. 

Fix the defence, you fix the team.  

Ergo: Fox.

And then, of course, money: Good coaches coming off 2-14 seasons are cheaper!

In a follow-up email, the source added:

In the case of the Broncos they were looking to do a number of things with Fox:

1.  Get better defensively fast (including draft choices).

2.  Change the culture (sour, he’s an upbeat guy).

3.  Get the best coach for a reasonable price.

4.  Get someone who has won and lost and doesn’t get manic.

5.   Someone Elway can work with comfortably.

The big question regarding the Broncos offensively is Tebow.  Pro QB or not?  There’s a ton of evidence to suggest that he’s a stone winner. There’s evidence that he has mechanical issues and is not a strong pocket guy.  Hiring Fox (my view) is all about defence and see how the Tebow issue resolves itself. I think (I don’t know for certain) that Elway sees Tebow as his special project and that he can “coach” him to greatness.

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